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Martin's Sissiboo Hideaway with Sissiboo River below.

Martin's Sissiboo Hideaway with Sissiboo River below.


Join us for a cottage vacation in Nova Scotia; a romantic getaway for two; a kayaking, canoeing or sportfishing adventure on the Sissiboo or a weekend break from the city.

Constructed by local craftsmen in 2004, Martin's Sissiboo Hideaway is a Nova Scotia cottage rental built high on a hill on the historic Sissiboo River at Weymouth Mills, Digby County. Our cottage is the perfect escape, yet only minutes from the restaurants, craft shops and shopping centers of Weymouth and Digby, Nova Scotia.


The first level features a well appointed, completely equipped kitchenette and dining area. The living room boasts a comfortable, cozy arrangement of tables, chesterfield and rocking chairs on which to snuggle down for a "good read" and quiet conversation. If the cool of the evening causes you to retire from the deck which overlooks the Sissiboo River (and 560 feet of your own personal waterfront age), you can snuggle up in front of a fire built in an impressive stone fireplace which is not only the hallmark of Nova Scotian craftsmen but of their homesteading predecessors! A swim, a paddle, a row and the ability to cast a line are all at your doorstep.

The second level, the loft, is where the gentle night breezes can blow through and lull you into a perfect sleep. The master bedroom which features a queen size bed, wardrobe and night tables is in the "open" loft section. Every amenity is at your fingertips.

A second "enclosed" bedroom also features a queen size bed, and ample space to unpack your life and unwind. (Further sleeping accommodation is available in the form of a "pull-out" bed in the living room.)

The beds are luxurious, the views spectacular and the vacation guaranteed to be unparalleled!

The Location

Our accommodation, only minutes from the village of Weymouth and the town of Digby, Nova Scotia, Martin's Sissibo Hideaway, is surrounded by pristine woods, walking trails and lush forest growths. The only ones to share your early morning or late evening strolls will be the deer and perhaps a few curious chipmunks or squirrels. This exclusive and extremely private Nova Scotia accommodation is a nature lover's paradise. Bald eagles soar overhead, the maples await tapping, and the river is calling to all paddlers. A walkway through the woods will guide you to your own personal park where you can barbecue or sit by the dying embers of a fire as the day closes around you.


Go to our reservations page on our website: for more additional on off-season rates and booking information.
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Martin's Sissboo Hideaway

Weymouth Mills, Canada

$1,140 Weekly

For availability info, contact:

Josette King

View map below for location and directions.